Where the rhythm of life beats to the tune of urban hustle and bustle, and a scorching sun beating down on the asphalts/sidewalks of Bangalore. This is the daily reality of this city, where life is fast-paced, with a silent crisis of water availability looming around every corner. From the break of dawn till the wee hours of the night, the city teems with life where the residents adorn the streets with vibrant experiences. Yet, beneath the surface lies a harsh reality - Bengaluru is facing a water crisis of unprecedented proportions. One of the simplest yet thirstiest rituals, found in nearly one out of every three households – is the washing of cars, bikes, or other vehicles. 

As our city faces dwindling water reserves and grapples with the consequences of a changing climate, it's time to rethink our everyday habits.  Cue the gushing water, swirling suds, and gallons upon gallons of precious liquid flowing down the drain. But wait - where does all of it end up? - In our already burdened and clogged water canals. As Bangalore faces an uncertain future in the wake of water scarcity, the time to embrace more sustainable methods is now.

Hero of the hour: Waterless Car Wash

In a city where every drop counts, the previously used water-intensive traditional car wash methods are not sustainable. The gallons of water wasted with each wash not only contribute to our dwindling water supply but also exacerbate the pollution of our already strained lakes and rivers.

Worry not! Amid the crisis emerges a solution - Doorstep Waterless Car Wash by DriveU. With its innovative formula and eco-friendly approach, waterless car wash offers a lifeline for Bangalore's water-stricken car owners. By eliminating the need for gallons of precious water, this method conserves our most vital resource and reduces pollution and runoff, making it a win-win for our city, our people and the environment.

How does it work?

DriveU customers can avail of this service at their doorstep by placing an order on the app at their convenience. Our trained partners arrive at the customer location fully equipped with the materials required for a waterless car wash in their bag of wonders. 

They start with dusting off the dirt and dust particles on the car exterior to get it ready for the eco wash. A dry wash concentrate is prepared that just uses 500ml of water - which is way minuscule as compared to the buckets of water wastage during traditional washes. The concentrate is then sprayed on the car exterior which not only gets rid of the regular dirt on your car but also adds a layer of protective UV layer for the car paint. It is then wiped out using a soft microfibre cloth to give it a final shine.

This service starts at just ₹249 for the exterior cleaning.

Make it tango with a combo!

DriveU doorstep car wash is a customisable service allowing you to add interiors, seat cleaning, deep cleaning, body wax, tyre polish and so on at extra added cost based on your needs. There are cost-efficient combo packages too that allow you to get more bang for your buck.

Waterless wash is future, future is now

As busy residents of Bangalore, we could definitely attest to the convenience of a waterless car wash. No longer do we need to waste hours waiting in line at the car wash or car spa stations. With a waterless car wash, one can simply spray, wipe, and go, all while knowing that one is doing his/her part to conserve water and protect our environment. 

It's a simple yet powerful step that each of us can take to mitigate the impact of our daily activities on our city's water supply. By making the switch to waterless car wash, we can help ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

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