Bangla, biwi, Bugatti, aur kya chahiye? The things that make you go mmmm. We all want a car until faced by the rigmarole of maintaining one! Plus fixing the unforeseen damages is not just time-consuming but also expensive. Previously, we listed a few DIY car tips and tricks that will improve its performance. Today, we’re posting hacks to enhance your experience on the road and save yourself some money

  1. Lost control and speeding downhill? Get a grip by shifting to lower gears.
  2. Lost and want to ask for directions? Fast food delivery places are the best place to ask for directions.
  3. Murky headlamps? Use toothpaste or baking soda to clean them. They will shine bright as new.
  4. Got food? Use the car heater to keep your food warm till you reach the destination.
  5. Need to locate the fuel tank in a new car? Check for the pump icon next to the fuel gauge on the dashboard. Its placement is an indicator of the fuel tanks location.

6. Struggling with the car remote? Hold it close to your chin to improve the range two folds.

7. Heated car? Roll down one window. Open and close the opposite door to push out the hot air. Your car will cool down instantly.

8. Want to park like a pro? Hang a tennis ball in the garage for reference to get your angle right.

9. Got scratches? Use nail paint to cover it up.

10. Smells fishy? Use scented candles as an air freshener. Put them in a jar with holes on the lid and place it in the corner that gets the most sunlight in your car.

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