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The Idea

It was just another night in the States when Rahm received a call from Ashok. Little did he know that his son got hit with an entrepreneurial rage and wanted to crack something for the parking calamity in India. Nodding heads in unison, the duo went ahead and hatched a team for on-demand valet services. Soon, in fits and starts it was realized that the real problem was not being solved.

Mar 2015

The Prototype

A mild afternoon and kegs of beer lead to some intense brainstorming spells. Our makers moulded the valet model into a driver aggregator. They glued in a bunch of curious maestros, brewed the jazz and jumped on the bandwagon. Weeks of sweat and grind passed by in a tiny corner of Koramangala to forge the MVP. Hysteria and suspense gripped everyone tight as it was time for DriveU’s curtain raiser in the Silicon Valley of India —Bangalore.

May 2015

All Paws

We raised a toast to our furry friends and offered employees beer if they adopted a stray. In the same vein, we became ‘ Dog lovers’ first and experts later. Two months down the line, DriveU was officially launched at the Yourstory TechSparks 2015. Accolades, claps and we all made it to the Top 10 Startups list!.

Jul 2015

The Funding

Even the best ideas need to be ignited with fuel. That very fuel poured in, when we got a hunk of moolah from The Unitus Seed Fund. Our stellar team and strong focus on technology started changing the way people are wired to function. DriveU was truly driving towards what matters.

Feb 2016

Bonjour B2B

Our business services embarked on a full-throttle with Zoomcar. We scaled up our solution offering across various platforms and expanded to 6 cities in India. Since then we have never stopped dazzling Cars24, Quikr, Diageo, Myles, ORIX, Allianz and many more. Hustling through the by-lanes and addressing road bumps, we ushered in as the category creator.

Jul 2016

The Milestone

The first 1,00,000 trips.

Nov 2016


In May 2016, we acquired Gurgaon-based driver booking platform CallAtHome. More driver partners. Multiple trips over a year. In no time, DriversKart and Zuver were successfully added to our fleet. The chemistry started kicking in with the partnerships. Be it for consumers or businesses, we triumphantly made it to the Startup50 List of 2017!

May - Sep 2017

The Bulletin

The pappz left no stone unturned to cover us over many networks. As the user count hiked upwards crossing 1,00,000, we received more love and even got featured in The New York Times.


The Take Off

With business fundamentals now in place, DriveU is poised for a take off with additional fuel from Marquee Investors.

Oct 2017
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