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Catch a drive quick

Just key in your location and assess the kind of trip you’d like to take. We show the fare estimate and allocate a driver from our wide network of well–trained drivers spread across cities at every kilometre. Like a flash, our drivers will appear in a matter of minutes to DriveU to your destination safely.

Real-time Tracking

Keep your driver in sight as he reaches your pick-up location, so you don’t waste time calling and checking their current location. Share your whereabouts with your friends and family to update them about your location while you’re riding with our live tracking feature.

DriveU Secure

While our expert drivers believe in safe driving, accidents can happen even to the best of drivers. With DriveU Secure, now you can insure your drive from unwanted mishaps, while we insure our drivers for all trips. Get an accident & hospitalization cover for passengers & vehicle damage cover for as little as ₹10 per trip.

With our well-trained chauffeurs, you can depend on travel being convenient

At just INR 99 per hour, our services can make travelling in your own car a lot more pleasurable. Forget about dealing with the stress of driving through traffic. Our drivers take the wheel so you can kick back and relax like a boss.

Whether it’s a short visit to the supermarket or a long drive to the airport, you’re in to enjoy the journey without driving. We make this possible by providing the best chauffeur rental service.

Excellent Skills

Our drivers are skilled and can handle various types of cars. Courteous and well-mannered, they sport neat uniforms and carry floor mats and seat covers with them, making sure that your vehicle remains clean.

Our Pricing

in city outstation packages

Your private driver anytime @ ₹899 for 12 hrs

Pay ₹60 for every additional hour.

Night time charge of ₹150 for drives ending between 10PM to 6AM

Your private driver anytime @ ₹ 99/hr

Pay by the minute after the first hour

Night time charge of ₹200 for drives ending between 10PM to 6AM

Happy packages. Big Savings.

Save up to 20% with hourly packages of 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 hours!

Night time charge of ₹200 for drives ending between 10PM to 6AM

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Let our Professional Driver take the wheel

City life can be exhilarating and full of opportunities. But, the crowded streets, slow-moving traffic and noise pollution can make it stressful and less desirable, particularly when you must drive your own car. With DriveU’s professional car driver service, you can now book your personal chauffeur by the day or evening and say good bye to the traffic woes. With hourly rates starting at ₹99/hour*, our professional driver service is more cost-effective than hiring a cab, since we drive your car for you. DriveU allows you to sit back and enjoy your ride as you are safely driven wherever you need to go, no matter how many stops you need to make.

With our fleet of drivers spread across major cities, we ensure that the driver dressed in professional attire arrives at the pickup location at the requested time, ready to drive you to your desired destination in your own vehicle. As we take meticulous care in screening and selecting professional drivers, you can be rest assured of peace of mind and zero stress about unfamiliar locations or parking woes. Our services are designed to cater to your every need for city drives; be it your daily office commutes, business trips, running errands, airport pickup and drop, or even night drives with our special night time fares. You can also book our special outstation packages to book a driver for your weekend getaways away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


We always strive to provide quality reliable service to our customers. We are currently serving in six cities.
You can now find drivers in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR from DriveU.

What Our Customers Say

By Dr. Lakshme

Initially I was a bit skeptical as calling some unknown driver might drive rudely and spoil car but reality is This is a wonderful service, I booked 45mins earlier for 4hrs package, driver was on time and very safe. App customer ppl were also v helpful. I defently recommend to friends.

By Debasish Pakyntein

Have used driveu many times within the city and even outstations sometimes; Never faced any issues with their service nor their drivers till now. Their customer service is responsive and really works hard to get there. Only if they can keep up the good work. Goodluck!

By Alexander Philip

Great experience with Laxminarayan S from driveu, He was on time even though there was a GPS error confusion, well groomed, was very polite, was interactive and cooperative, enjoyed my ride back from office in a relaxed mode. Keep up the great work Mr Laxminarayan S. Heard about driveu from an ex employee, so my first experience was very great, hope my future experience will be the same.

By Madhushri Verma

DriveU drivers are very professional, humble and trustworthy. Now we can enjoy the comfort of our own car without the hassle of driving it. Great on-demand driver service service, its a first service of its kind. The best part is a driver can reach our place within 30 minutes of. Pricing model is quite simple, hourly basis and pay as go.

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