Whenever you are requesting a drive with DriveU, you are on the lookout for a comfortable and reliable way to get to your destination. You are not compulsorily scrolling through the driver details only to make an unexpected connection or an engaging banter. But have you ever thought about the untold chapters hiding behind the smile — holding the steering wheel?

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Shivaswamy and I am from Bengaluru. I live with my wife and 2 kids in Mathikere. Before starting my career as a driver , I was running a small business which didn’t work that well.

How did you come to know about DriveU?

One of the employees named Suresh introduced me to DriveU.

At midnight, after completing my trip they arranged for a cab so that I could return home safely.

When not driving, what do you like to do?

I am on duty for 24 hours . On weekdays, if ever I get free time I spend time with my family. I only get free on Sundays; that too only at times. Small outings to parks and fairs relaxes me a lot. My wife and I head out to movies too. I don’t have any particular hobby as such.

Sundays come as a relief to Shiva — for he can’t catch his breath otherwise. It’s one of those days when he sits down in peace to have lunch with his family.

Anything that you like about DriveU?

Maa’m , DriveU tumba channa gidiya ( DriveU is very good). My duty is fulfilling and the customers are nice too. I never consider customers as strangers. They are like my own. I like going beyond my duty and making them feel comfortable.

Would you like to share any experience with any of your customer?

Yes.. There have been 2 instances with customers on similar grounds. At midnight, after completing my trip they arranged for a cab so that I could return home safely. Even till now they are in touch with me on Whatsapp. I used to feel shy earlier * awkward smiles* You know, I get invited to their family functions too! There is no biased behaviour towards me even in such occasions. I am very humbled.

What have you been learning at your current job?

Time is very important to everyone. . My patience has also being fine-tuned with every trip.

Shiva said that being a driver is becoming a respectable job in India. Caring for his customers is something which he takes as gospel. This does and will turn things around for any driver.

Best Car Driven ?

Audi & Benz

Dream Car?


Are there any challenges that you are facing in your duty?

Do you know about DDD? It’s a Degenerative disc disease of the spinal cord. My L3 and L4 i.e the lower spine region is seriously affected. It doesn’t let me enjoy many activities that I used to be involved with. While I am driving, the pain and numbness radiates to my thighs and makes them lifeless. I don’t feel that I have functional legs at the end of the day. This condition existed even before joining DriveU. Every month, I am scrimping away my salary as the surgery is going to be very expensive.

Future Plans?

If you would notice , my future scenario depends on my earnings — my job. I want to have enough money for my kids’ education. Coming four years I have to work really hard to ensure that my elder son gets into engineering. If he happens go to a decent college in Bengaluru, I’d be the happiest person!

Despite suffering from acute pain, Shiva is undeterred to drive— for his health and in turn for his family. Penalty still looms for starting the trips late by a few minutes. Although his back-ache has been (and will be) the stumbling block for his monthly incentives; the only thing that keeps him on his toes is his undaunted spirit.

Inconveniences are part of life. Smiles go with everything in your journey. For Shiva, burdens are shared and joys quadrupled with DriveU.

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