How to hire a verified driver?

Hiring a professional driver

Over the last several years there have been instances that have brought into question the measures being taken to prevent any ill-willed incident. Here at DriveU, we are not just responsive, but proactive to ensure your safety and a comfortable journey. Let’s admit it, handing over your keys and sitting in a car with a stranger, is quite a nerve-racking occasion that elicits many thoughts. How do I know I’m safe? Who is driving me? Is he trained? Is he qualified?… The list goes on, and there’s an answer to each. At DriveU, we have a meticulous hiring and training process that every driver goes through.

Essentially, if the driver is not someone we’d send along with our grandparents, then we will not send them along with you!

Our priority is your safety, and we ensure safety through the following measures.

  1. General Assessment

The first step is to have a face-to-face conversation with every driver that walks in. It’s a casual interview to assess the candidates’ mien. Their interaction, tone, ability to speak in local languages and essential English is a basic necessity to cater to a diverse set of customers.

2. Background Verification

If the candidate comfortably passes the first round, we conduct verification and background checks. Documents like his Aadhar card, driving licence (Issued and recognised by the central government), address proof, etc. are collected and matched against a government database. We also check his previous employment details, qualifications and court records.

Uniformed and trained drivers available 24/7

3. Training

This is our secret ingredient. Our drivers are trained to be the best in class. Their driving skills are assessed and polished. All drivers must follow a specific code of conduct on duty. Compliance and good demeanour on the job warrant good ratings, for which they will be rewarded. Practices like holding the door for customers especially seniors, helping with luggage, being mindful of their comfort (adjustments with the air conditioner, seats, music) are some small details that go a long way. We ensure that every driver is sensitive to specific requirements that may arise.

4. Fledgeling Support

Post training, the drivers are supervised for a span of time. We train our drivers in a way that is best understood by each one, thus enhancing each individuals potential to succeed. In rare cases, if questionable behaviour is recorded, it is flagged and action is immediately taken. While that stands true for the entire tenure, the initial few days witness tighter supervision and certain limitations.

DriveU drivers cater to every small need

So there you have it. Each driver is vetted, trained, and background verified in order to provide YOU with the best, and safest, experience! Moreover, because of our driver’s professionalism, many customers choose DriveU over local providers. This leads to an increase in driver earnings and happier driver partners!

Despite our drivers being well groomed and trained, we still go a step further and offer drive protection planto give you peace of mind in case of unfortunate mishaps.

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