Ah, December—the month to relax, party, reflect, and cheer. Can you believe 2023 is wrapping up already? Time flies when you're having fun, and speaking of fun, we've had a blast clocking the 5 millionth drive  this year, thanks to the incredible love and support from our DriveU family.

Now, for the cherry on top – our way of saying 'We Love You' involves more than just heartfelt sentiments. We are talking about Don't Drive December, a celebration of safety, joy, and comfort for all. Our superhero drivers are geared up to make sure your year ends as smoothly as butter flows on a saucepan.

We have curated some amazing offers for every drive adventure!

For the office hustlers who'd rather not deal with traffic tantrums, enjoy a 10% cashback on your next commute-driver trip. Your road to work just got way more rewarding!

Shopaholics, this one's for you! Bag a whopping 15% cashback on your round trips as you conquer those sale aisles and trial rooms. Retail therapy just hit a whole new level!

Now, let's talk about party animals and nocturnal explorers. Dance the night away, hop from pub to pub and revel in a 20% cashback on your after-party drops. Because why worry about driving when you can focus on perfecting those dance moves?

Lastly, for those embarking on a road trip – be it with friends, family, or just the open road for company – let our skilled drivers be your chauffeur. Enjoy the scenic views, indulge in endless chatter, and receive a generous 10% cashback as a bonus.

​Here’s a TDLR version:

Use your DriveU Coins to claim your vouchers for -

Commute → Monday to Friday for office one-way drives, get 10% Cashback 

Shopping → On booking a driver for round trips, get 15% Cashback 

After-Party Drops → One-way drops after 9 PM on weekends (Thu-Sun), get 20% Cashback

Outstation Trips → 10% Cashback on an out-of-town road trips

That’s not it! We have partnered with a dozen exciting brands to the best of this season. Let the rewarding begin with DriveU Coins. The best part is, you earn Coins on every trip and it stays in your account for 45 days - so, you can keep revving and claiming rewards.

Don't Drive December!

So, buckle up, relax and DON’T DRIVE! Let us DriveU. Use your DriveU Coins to avail these offers until 28th Dec’23. Let’s head straight to the Coins section on the DriveU app!

A massive thank you for being the wind beneath our DriveU wings. Here's to a month filled with safe rides, cashback delights, and a lot of love. Let the Don't Drive December fun begin!